Flare Worksheets

Excel-like worksheets in ServiceNow

The "Flare Worksheets" application enables ServiceNow users to create, store, and manage data in a familiar, excel-like worksheet format directly in ServiceNow.

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Excel-like Worksheets.
The Flare Worksheets application provides a seamless experience by adopting an Excel-like interface, making data entry and management intuitive and straightforward for all ServiceNow users.
Formatting capabilities.
Enhanced formatting capabilities allow users to customize the layout and visual presentation of their worksheets, leading to a more coherent, personalized, and productive data management experience.
Multiple data types.
The application supports multiple data types, providing the flexibility to handle a wide range of datasets, hence making it easier for users to manipulate and visualize complex data right within ServiceNow.
Basic calculations and functions.
Flare Worksheets offers an array of inbuilt calculations and functions similar to those found in Excel, facilitating efficient data analysis and streamlining daily operations without needing to leave the platform.
Data stored in ServiceNow.
By storing all data within ServiceNow, Flare Worksheets ensures secure, centralized storage, granting users easy access to their data while maintaining high levels of data security and integrity.
Integration and Automation.
The application can be integrated with other ServiceNow modules and third-party systems, enabling automation and synchronization of data across platforms, improving workflow efficiency and reducing manual effort.

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Advanced worksheet management capabilities for ServiceNow users.



Certified by ServiceNow. Available through ServiceNow store.

  • Max rows: 200
  • Max columns: 52
  • One data sheet per Worksheet
  • Worksheet visibility limited to a creator of the Worksheet
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Advanced version that offers professional features and capabilities.

  • Practically unlimited rows and columns
  • Worksheet templates
  • Multiple data sheets per Worksheet
  • Excel files import
  • API for ServiceNow scrips
  • Expanded security model
  • More formatting and data management capabilities
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