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We engineer ServiceNow solutions that revolutionize the way businesses operate. We go beyond the usual with ServiceNow, creating products that give you the most benefits and help your business reach new levels of success.

Excel-like worksheets


The application enables ServiceNow users to create, store, and manage data in a familiar, excel-like worksheet format directly in ServiceNow.

Excel-like Experience.
Excel-like interface, making data entry and management intuitive and straightforward for all ServiceNow users.
Data stored in ServiceNow.
Flare Worksheets stores all data in ServiceNow, ensuring secure, centralized access while maintaining data integrity.
Integration and Automation.
The worksheets data can be accessed by ServiceNow scripts, business rules, and workflows to enable enhanced automation and processing.
Product screenshot

Interactive Analytics


Flare DataSpace is an analytical toolkit for interactive ServiceNow data analysis, reporting and dashboard management.

Interactive Pivot Tables.
Run analysis and calculations on 10K-100K of ServiceNow records in real-time with drag-n-drop interface.
ServiceNow Custom and System tables.
Ability to work with ServiceNow custom tables as well as with core system tables.
Performance Optimized.
Async data snapshots make sure there is limited to zero impact on your ServiceNow instance when working with thousands of records.
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Cost-effective Development


Flare Edge is an ultimate cloud deployment platform that runs modern web applications in ServiceNow.

Optimized for and Integrated with ServiceNow.
Based on fundamental web standards and technologies.
Modern Web Development.
Any code editor, any front-end framework, any library / npm package.
ServiceNow Security Integrated.
Applications run in ServiceNow security context.
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