Power up mission critical applications

Flare supercharges your ServiceNow platform, enabling faster and more cost-effective development of business applications. It's a simple and smart choice for any business ready to fully leverage ServiceNow.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Rapid and cost-effective development of innovative applications in ServiceNow.

Process and Data automation

Automating processes and data is crucial for smooth business operations. Flare offers a cost-effective solution that enhances design and development, saves time, and optimizes efficiency.

Business Process Automation

Utilizing a distinctive, user-oriented interface, innovative technologies, and superior efficiency in terms of cost and time.

Customer and Consumer Portals

Advanced public portals and employee centers, enhanced with amazing UI/UX and supporting a multitude of design systems.

Data Analytics

Limitless capabilities for data visualization, dashboard management, and user-centric data analytics.


Mobile applications are vital in today's business landscape. With Flare you can simplify the development process, accelerate app creation and deployment while enhancing user engagement and business productivity.

Mobile Applications

"Hours" instead of "days" to design, build and run in ServiceNow.

Mobile-first Experience

New automations and applications are created as "mobile-first" projects, giving ServiceNow users a mobile experience from day one.

Cost-Effective Digital Transformation

Why Flare

Minimizing risks and accelerating development with limitless capabilities in user experience - that's what truly matters.

Speed and Cost of delivery.
Innovative tech and development resources deliver twice the value for half the cost and time.
Ability to execute.
The latest front-end frameworks and libraries provide limitless capabilities for ServiceNow development.
Advanced security.
Integrated and covered by ServiceNow security framework.
Development Resources.
Supported by a community and resources from over 15 million developers.
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Technical Excellence Program

The Technical Excellence Program provides ServiceNow clients and partners with the specialized knowledge and tools essential for cutting-edge web development and UI/UX design on the ServiceNow platform.

  • On-demand Videos
  • Practical Guides
  • Code Examples
  • Reference Architectures
  • Subscription-Based Access
  • Start with 10 developer seats